Do you bet on 1, X, 2?

From now on all of the odds for the final outcome in football are significantly higher. And the odds are by your choice.

By far the highest odds on the final outcome of the match with a bonus odd.

You only need to choose at which match is the odd you want to enlarge. Look for the details in the offer, Bonus outcome.

Bonus Fifth Match can be played on the website and mobile phone.


Bonus odd is available for all bets that contains 5 or more matches.

Bonus odd can be set only at football matches on bet type Final Score.

The customer chooses at which football match whats to place the bonus odd.

For other events on the ticket there are no requirements or minimum odd (type of events and type of the game).

Bonus can be placed on the system tickets under the condition that number of the wanted selections is minimum 5.

Bets which include bonus odd are eligible for the Turbo Payout after five winning matches.

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